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Computer Grass is Natural Grass
Fall 2020.
IBM Plex Mono by IBM, and Lapture by Albert Kapr and Tim Ahrens (Just Another Foundry).

This poster explores physicality and spatiality in digital design through nonlinear, self-guided ways of moving through information. Inspired by skeuomorphism, decentralized networks, and breadcrumb navigation, different entries are threaded together by interweaving designers, artists, technologists, and researchers across time. The expressive side of this poster references manuscripts that create space for involved, multilayered discussion. (Full PDF.)

During my journey learning about interface aesthetics and critical code studies, I’ve been reconsidering the assumed neutrality and objectivity of white space. Currently building a microsite to house (and reshuffle) the information in this poster, as well as a related interactive document about prototyping interfaces and informal digital space.